When in Rome…

Last year my friends and I decided to explore Europe for a month, using railways to see as many beautiful cities as possible. One of my personal favourites was Rome because, aside from Italy being extraordinarily gorgeous, I found the people, buildings and food completely captivating. This morning my dad called to say he was off to Rome and, trying to swallow my jealousy, I started thinking about my own trip. Sadly we were only in Rome for three nights with a tight budget, but here are my favourite aspects from what we did get to see.

We stayed at The Yellow, which was basically a meeting place for young travellers who liked to get super super drunk, like a lot of the hostels we stayed in. Luckily for us they ran free evening walking tours so at around 9pm we were told to grab a drink from the hostel bar and meet our tour guide outside. As I got drunker it’s safe to say I stopped paying attention to the history side of the walking tour, and just concentrated on the one thing I do remember: Rome is flipping awesome at night.

Honestly…wow. What a city! It kind of has this aura about it that I haven’t really found elsewhere. The highlights for me were the Pantheon (the architecture is mindblowing…) and the Spanish Steps (romantic with fab street entertainment). You know what I didn’t like, though? The bloody Trevi Fountain. I tossed about 10 euro in there and every coin hit the wall, which is just a metaphor for my life really. Sight -seeing the next day was sooo tough…visiting the Colosseum in near 35 degree heat is rough, but doing it with an excruciating hangover is just plain dumb.

I guess I’m babbling a little as I’m feeling kind of nostalgic, so instead I’ll summarise some of my top tips below:

  • Buy your Colosseum tickets from the Forum (the entrance is just opposite) as it gives you access to both areas with a fraction of the queue time.
  • Don’t be sceptical of pizza take-out. It isn’t anything like the greasy Domino’s we have here! It was still 10x better than anything I’d had before and it was much cheaper than restaurant pizza.
  • MAKE USE OF FREE WALKING TOURS! You should definitely give a good tip, but it’s much cheaper and way more personal than tour buses.
  • Book in advance if you want to visit the Vatican, and take respectable clothes. No booking = little chance of entering (as we sadly found out).

Much love, and happy exploring xoxox

The Colosseum


left my heart in rome
I left my heart in Rome
spanish steps
The Spanish Steps












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