Me, myself and Michelangelo…

After writing my first blog post about Rome I felt kind of inspired, and so I thought I’d recount the rest of our trip to Italy, city by city. What that means, is that I am bored of working on my dissertation and I’d much rather remember the beautiful city that is Florence.

Florence is an absolutely incredible place, and one that I am so glad we visited. My friend and travel companion begged us to go after she had studied Italy’s Renaissance during A Level History, and whilst I wasn’t fussed at first, I have absolutely no regrets. In fact, I think this was the point at which I actually understood what people meant when they called buildings ‘beautiful’. Beforehand, when people described the beauty of the Eiffel Tower and the like I’d think, yeah that’s cool and architecturally magnificent, but…beautiful? But Florence is, without a doubt, stunning.

The train to Florence was horrific (check the number of references to alcohol in my ‘When in Rome’ post), but when we arrived we went straight to the house we’d booked through Airbnb, and then into town. I regret to say that our hangovers took over our brains and on some sort of collective autopilot we ended up in McDonald’s. I know right. Appalling. However, my friend ordered a McLobster which I found so hilariously bizarre that I’ve forgiven myself. Who said you can’t experience a country’s culture in the local Maccy’s?

One thing I don’t forgive myself for is not paying to see Michelangelo’s David. Apparently I could spare 5 euro for a pair of Michelangelo-themed boxers, but I couldn’t quite stretch my purse far enough to actually see the statue. Top tip: DO. Even if you’re on a budget, just do it.

Of course we climbed the Duomo and Giotto’s Campanile (the tower thing next to it) which were absolutely magnificent. A few tips here:

  • Eat a good old tub of gelato beforehand. There are a lot of steps.
  • Be respectful with your clothes. I don’t think you’re allowed strappy tops, so check the restrictions beforehand.
  • Don’t get into the Duomo queue without purchasing a ticket from the bottom floor of the Campanile. Forgetting to do this resulted in me running very ungracefully through the square in a flustered panic whilst the others held our place. Pretty.
  • Once you’re inside, ditch the camera. It’s spectacular, and you don’t want to miss the experience by focusing too much on getting the perfect pic for Insta

If you’re on a budget but want lovely food right in the heart of Piazza della Signoria, check out Revoire. We only stopped for some water, but one look at the menu and we were dribbling. The waiters were super friendly to us sweaty English gals, and Philip Schofield even sat down behind me to eat a pizza with his family. Absolute lunchtime goals.

So I’ll stop blabbering now, but below are some pics I took during the 2 nights we were there!

Lots of love xoxoxo





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    1. brokeatlas says:

      That’s exactly what we thought! I only had a veggie burger, but it was bigger than my head. Italian McDonald’s obviously do it better than the UK can!

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