The fair city of Baile Átha Cliath (a.k.a, Dublin)

Seeing as it’s just been St. Patrick’s Day, it seems an appropriate time as any to write a post about my weekend in Dublin.  I’m forever boasting about this trip, which I went on in January of this year, because the whole thing cost me £126. Isn’t that amazing?! It all started when my friends and I were trying to focus on our coursework (and failing miserably). You know how procrastination progresses…one minute you’re sneakily checking Facebook and the next you’ve booked a flight to Ireland. These things happen. It was Black Friday weekend and return flights with Ryanair were £4, so we booked up and started planning.

We stayed at the International Hostel Dublin, a converted church a 5 minute walk away from O’Connell Street and the Spire. We paid £10 per night with a lovely breakfast included. The staff were friendly and I absolutely loved eating in a church hall with the other travellers. If you’re on a budget trip to Dublin, I’d highly recommend 🙂

We arrived in the evening and headed straight to the Temple Bar region, only a 10 minute walk from the hostel. Everything was super expensive but we ended up exploring  a side street and stumbled upon a cute little restaurant called The Jazz Cafe. This was much cheaper than any of the other restaurants around, and afterwards we were both stuffed with shakshouka and wine. This restaurant has such a sweet atmosphere and the live music put us in the perfect mood to venture on to the first pub of the night: The Temple Bar.  As we walked in the band were singing Galway Girl, it was snowing outside, and the whole place was heaving. The only downside was the price, as my friend ordered a double rum and coke for 16 euro (!!!)

As we only had one full day in Dublin, our Sunday was suuuuper busy. We started with a free walking tour of the South side, covering the Spire, Trinity College, Temple Bar, Christ Church Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedral, and finally venturing on to the Guinness Storehouse. If you do fancy visiting the Storehouse, booking in advance usually saves you 10% 🙂  If you don’t, make sure you still try a pint of Guinness. Yes, it’s a cliché, but if you drink it right (taking a big gulp, drinking from underneath the foamy head) you won’t regret it.This was a hugely interesting (although tiring!) day, and just reinforced my love of free walking tours.

I’m an English student, so obviously I’m obsessed with libraries and dusty books and snooty people telling you to be quiet. Therefore, Trinity College Library and the Oscar Wilde Memorial were two of my personal trip highlights. My friend couldn’t really understand why I was so excited by the sculpture of a very smug-looking man lounging on a rock, and promptly called him a ‘dickhead’. I think Oscar would have liked that.


P.S. Try a Butler’s hot chocolate. The drink is fab enough by itself, but the fact they let you choose a complimentary chocolate is just the absolutely cherry.


The Temple Bar
Trinity College Dublin
Oscar Wilde




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