Broke (but happy) in Venice

In the past couple of weeks three of my friends have either been to Venice, or have booked trips there. Unfortunately we could only stay in Venice for 24 hours but we still had the most incredible time. Here are some of my tips for enjoying this wonderful place on a student’s budget:

  • If you can’t afford a gondola, which we certainly couldn’t, try not to be too upset. What you can do is buy a 24hr water ferry ticket and use it as much as possible. It clearly isn’t quite the same, but exploring Venice by any kind of water vehicle is just as awesome. Try to take the water ferry at night too! It’s a truly wonderful experience.
  • Can’t afford the crazy expensive drinks prices? Grab a 10 euro bottle of wine from a street vendor, nab some plastic cups, and sit by the water’s edge with some friends. Beware of the rats though, as one tried to launch itself at my head (eeeek).
  • If you do want to sit in a nice bar, try to find one which gives you free snacks with every drink. In one place we kept buying Aperol spritz just for the free crisps!
  • Check out Campo Santa Margherita. It’s a really cool square close to the university, meaning it’s full of bars playing loud music with much cheaper drinks.
  • Don’t even bother trying to find a fancy restaurant. Grab yourself a couple of slices of takeaway pizza and sit on a bench, under a tree, on the floor…just anywhere you don’t have to pay!

Remember to treat yourselfBuy an ice cream and sit in the sun. Buy something you totally don’t need from a street vendor. You’re in Venice. 



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